Friday, April 30, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Runyon Canyon

I firmly believe that claiming to hate LA is simply a failure of imagination. We have amazing food, great culture and fantastic weather, what's not to like?

Yesterday, on an impossibly blustery but pristinely clear afternoon, JMT and I hit the slopes of Runyon Canyon for some cardio amidst the wildflowers and it was one of those times where I was struck by how lucky I am to call Los Angeles home. What can I say? I was raised by hippies. I see flowers and blues skies and it instantly takes me to my happy place.

While there were none of Runyon's usual star sightings (on a recent trip up the mountain I ran into the very unsweaty cast and crew of "The Hills" filming an upcoming episode), the Hefner-rescued Hollywood sign winked at us from the east.

My new favorite artsy-fartsy shot: The sunglass reflection image. Oooo. Ahhh. Ohhh.
One day, I'd like to have a house in them thar hills.

Wind-whipped and triumphant...
This is the view from the top.

As if I needed another reason, Runyon always makes me love LA a little bit more.

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