Monday, April 26, 2010

The 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Social

This weekend, LA hosted their annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. And I wasn't invited.

But I did get the nod to attend Amy Jo and Jason's second annual Grilled Cheese Social which was a rollicking good time.

Even though my offering, The Fungus Amongus (Havarti cheese and sauteed mushrooms with truffle oil), lost first place by one measly vote to Cardiac Arrest (cheese and bacon on a glazed donut), it was still a hootenanny that left me drunk on cheese and butter.

Crimini mushrooms, tossed with Italian parsley, pink Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper, were layered between two slices of cheese.

Then the bread was buttered (heavily) and laid in a skillet over medium heat to get that slow, golden brown.

Just before serving, The Fungus Amongus was drizzled with truffle oil. You should never heat truffle oil because it burns off the flavor. When it's off the heat and on a plate, dash your dish with the oil to permeate it with that delicious, earthy taste and smell. And remember, a little goes a long way.

Amy Jo and Lizzie make me a cowgirl sandwich.

One of the fifteen or twenty competitors, second place finisher: Trailer Park Power Bar, grilled mac and cheese. Holla!

The winner, which snatched victory from my clutches by a single vote. Now I know how Al Gore felt in Florida. Next year, I'll be gunning for the number one spot.

The fixin's for The Great State of Hockey, an homage to Minnesota. Way to keep it classic.

Lizzie and Jason in his magical tiki lounge.

Everyone's a winner at Amy Jo and Jason's!

After my crushing loss at the Social, I headed to Benno and Amy's for my second gathering of the day. Even though my arteries were screaming at me (TOO MUCH BUTTER), I couldn't resist Amy's spread (that's what he said). Her guilt-free quinoa salad, grilled artichokes, roasted fruit salad and a kale salad tossed with pomegrate seeds, dried apricots and parmesan cheese in a bright, lemon dressing, were just what I needed to Ajax my body

Kale is slowly but surely becoming my favorite vegetable.

Hmm, maybe next year, a kale grilled cheese? Who could resist?

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