Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Best Thing I Ate Today 4.24.10: Chan Dara's Pad Thai and Cucumber Salad

Last night, after hitting Space 15 Twenty with Erin, Caroline and Rachel for some less than mindblowing art and a whole boatload of hipsters, I met up with my old friend Adam for dinner.

It's been years since we've had a chance to catch up, so we set off in search of an easy, quiet place within walking distance to grab a bite for me and some coffee for him. Not as easy as one might think on Saturday night along Cahuenga Blvd. We went from Stout (I love their 3am Chicken Burger) to Caffe Etc., to Kitchen 24, to Groundworks, before finally coming to rest at Chan Dara.

Starving, but more interested in conversation that perusing a menu, I went with the oldest Thai Food Stand-By in the book: Pad Thai. And it was surprisingly good.

I began my meal with cucumber salad, which is totally crack-a-licious to me. I could eat an entire barrel of the stuff and then take a bath in the leftover vinegar, I find it that irresistible. This one was spicy and sweet thanks to chili and rice wine vinegar. I ate half and spooned the rest over my main course, letting the sugary, fiery tang infiltrate my noodles.
A heaping plate of Vegetarian Pad Thai. Chan Dara's includes raw vegetables like red cabbage and carrots, giving the dish a fresh, lightness it often lacks.
Adam and his coffee. He's watching his girlish figure.
What better way to spend your Saturday than with an adorable, charming, wonderful man and a big ol' plate of noodles? Surely there's a dirty pun there, but let's keep it classy, people.

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