Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jon Favreau's No Iron Man According to Robert Downey Jr.

In "Iron Man 2," Jon Favreau’s character, Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s chauffeur and assistant, has a greatly expanded role. But it wasn’t just his role that was expanding during filming. According to Robert Downey Jr, it was his waistline.

“There’s three Happy Hogans in the movie,” Robert begins, grinning wickedly. “There’s the Jon Favreau who was in excellent shape, boxing every day, and made it into the ring for the scene where he gets his ass handed to him by Scarlett [Johansson]. Then, midway, he’s struggling with a MediFast but occasionally binging on pizza and saying, ‘This is crazy, I gotta get back to the gym.’ By the time we were doing reshoots, they were framing him out of shoots,” he hoots. “Here’s the thing though--”

“Oh! Here we go,” Favreau interjects, laughing. “Now the nice [stuff]. Kiss me on the cheek after you’re done with me. Throw me a dollar and a towel.”

Way to keep it classy, gentlemen. "Iron Man 2" opens May 7th.

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