Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zoe Saldana and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Love Scenes and the A-List

When will Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally get the leading man cred' he deserves?

That was the pink elephant in the room at the press day of his new film, "The Losers," co-starring Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short and Jason Patric.

Morgan, who some movie goers will know and love as Denny Duquette, while others see him as The Comedian, joked when asked if this was his year to get enough attention to break onto the A-List, "I thought my year was coming until Zoe's year came," he laughs. "Now I'm just riding her coattails."

In their new film, Saldana and Morgan have a complicated, volatile, violent and seductive relationship which goes from a bare-knuckle brawl that leaves a hotel room engulfed in flames to a slo-mo love scene featuring a whole lot of Saldana's skin.

Asked which was more difficult to shoot, Morgan hoots with laughter.

"The love scene, yeah, that was hard," he scoofs. "I had a rough day that day. [I was like,] 'I need another take. Come on. I don't feel like she flipped her hair right on that one.' Technically, the fight was much harder, both physically and trying to get the tone of what we needed to accomplish in that scene. Yeah, the love scene? Bring that on! I had Zoe Saldana sitting on my lap, naked."

Saldana, once her hysterical laughter subsides, continues, "It helps when you get along with the actor and that Jeffrey was such a gentleman and so respectful because, trust me, as a woman, try doing that with a friggin' prick. Been there. It's not a good day at work. You're the only one who's naked and you have to act like you're not aware that you're naked. [But] when you work with a good director and a good actor, then it's just another Tuesday and love scenes are just like fight scenes."

"The Losers" opens April 23.

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