Friday, April 16, 2010

In Celebration of National Eggs Benedict Day, The Best Thing I Ate Today: Vivian's

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, here in LA, it’s a veritable pastime. With so many options and so many ridiculously long waits (seriously, The Griddle?), you eventually find the AM Cheers to your Norm, and mine is Vivian’s, a small, family-run restaurant in a converted house on Ventura Boulevard.

Because this is Hollywood, the family that runs it happens to include the chick who starred in “King Of Queens” but don’t be blinded by the klieg lights, Vivian’s is quaint, homey and wonderful and they just so happen to make the best Banana Pancakes you’ll ever eat.

Yesterday, in unwitting celebration of National Eggs Benedict Day, John, Jenny and I rolled to the Valley for brunch at our favorite spot.

Parked around the corner, John and I ran into Dr. Lunch's truck. We have no idea who Dr. Lunch is, but anyone who runs on "Jigawats" and pushes a Ford doctored to read "Food" is like Smuckers, they have to be good.

Jenny's Eggs Benedict with Home Fries which wafted a perfume of onions and peppers through the late morning air. When the perfectly poached eggs were placed on the table, they jiggled the way they say a good panna cotta should, like the courtesan's breasts. They were yolk-tacular.

Though I'm a huge proponent of Vivian's Banana Cakes (drool), John is more of a purist and went for their Ultimate Pancakes, an earthier blend of nuts and granola in a seven grain cake. Drenched in salted butter and a puddle of syrup, I guess you have to get your healthy somewhere.
My breakfast, The Waitress Special, a scramble of spinach, mushrooms, feta cheese and eggs, served with sliced tomatoes and buttered wheat bread. Reassuringly simple and undeniably delicious.

Satiated and happy, we lounged on the sun-dappled patio for hours, shaded by swaying trees and surrounded by jasmine. Vivian's is home away from home.

Vivian’s Millenium Cafe
10968 Ventura Blvd (between Vineland and Riverton Ave)
Studio City, CA 91604

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