Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Best Thing I Ate Today: MacGyvered Kitchen Sink Eggs

It's been a long week.

And it's only Wednesday.


Recently I find myself caught in a lethal combination of busy and lazy, which means that when I'm not super busy, I'm too lazy to do all the things I've been too busy to do. It's been so pathological, I've decided to give my aliment a name: bazy (pronounced: bay-zee).

See, I have the time to come up with new words, but not to go buy a Magic Eraser so I can unearth my stovetop from the grim it's hidden under.

Slowly but surely, I've eaten my way through practically all the groceries I purchased two weeks ago. Resolute not to dine on condiments, this morning's breakfast was an exercise in utilitarian practicality and imaginative engineering.

I began by rough dicing a baked potato pilfered from Souplantation (I should be ashamed of myself...but I'm not) and tossing it in a skillet with some Earth Balance.

My microwave recently gave up the ghost, so frozen Morningstar Farms faux-bacon was then crumbled and tossed into the pan with the potatoes, followed by chopped and whole cherry tomatoes which I allowed to blister.

Once everything was warmed and beginning to lightly brown, I tossed in leftover Parmesan, red chile, Za'atar mix that once danced on Brussel sprouts and salted everything to taste with my sea salt grinder.

Cracking two eggs over the potato-tomato mixture, I shaved what remained of a wedge of goat cheese gouda over top and scrambled it all around.

Finally, just before tucking in, I julienned a few leaves of fresh basil from the plant that lives on my windowsill and sprinkled it over the eggs.

Whowouldathunkit, it was delicious! The fresh basil brought out the ground basil and thyme in the Za'atar, the roasted potatoes perfectly complimented the sweet pop of the cherry tomatoes, and every few bites held a luxurious, cheesy surpise from the melted gouda.

Richard Dean Anderson wishes he could bust moves like this!

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