Monday, April 5, 2010

The Best Thing I Ate Today: Irv's Burgers' Fried Egg Sandwich

Today has been a very very long day, and it's still not over. Up at 3:45am, on-camera at KTLA promoting Private Chefs of Beverly Hills by 6:20am, home by 8am where 17 emails and two writing assignments were already waiting for me, it's now 9:45pm and I'm still runnin' and gunnin' with a movie to watch, a review to write, a friend's script to read and an extremely hot shower to take so I can be presentable for Fox News ay 7:55 tomorrow morning. Phew.

So what kept my candle burning so brightly at both ends today? My breakfast sandwich from Irv's Burgers.
At noon, when I realized all I'd consumed in eight hours were two cups of tea and a Red Bull, I took a millisecond break and headed for Irv's, just down the street. A few years ago it was knighted a historic landmark in West Hollywood after the community rallied to save this Post-WWII roadside Route 66 diner from the threat of becoming yet another Starbucks. Instead, it's a monument that will safely continue to cook up great greasy spoon eats served by the perkiest staff in Los Angeles. Whether you grab and go or park yourself at one of the plastic tables tucked under a canopy just off the boulevard, expect your order to come decorated by owner Sonia and her indomitable crew.

Today, I opted for a Fried Egg sandwich, made just for me according to the bag it was presented in. It arrived hot off the griddle, three eggs, over hard, with shredded iceberg, tomato, and mayonnaise, on buttery toasted sourdough bread.
Sonia was right. One bite and it was a very happy Monday.

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