Friday, May 14, 2010

Jews Mellowing at Super King

Tonight, before the finale of "Private Chefs of Beverly Hills," Erin, Rachel and Caroline introduced me to Super King Market, the most mind-blowing supermarket I've ever experienced outside of my beloved Berkeley Bowl.

Wandering the aisles, dancing to The Pointer Sisters' "Jump," gasping in delight at the sight of five kinds of bottled Mole, eight varieties of fresh Baklava, or mammoth tubs of sheep's milk feta in brine, we stumbled upon something I've never heard of before but is my new favorite ingredient: Jews Mellow.

Apparently it's a vegetable similar to okra that was described in one web search as "mucousy" (delightful), and is often used in soup. I prefer to think of it as the spinach Popeye might pound if he were a member of the tribe. It's also something this Bat Mitzvah girl can always use a hefty dose of it.

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  1. Also known as Jews Mallow. Also, apparently, known as jute. Or tossa jute. I love strange and exotic garden items and I need to find this one now.

    I found your blog, btw, while searching for good bean soup recipes. Discovered I recognized you from your show and am now going to follow your case you wanted to know.