Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Six Days to "Private Chefs" Premiere: The Interviews Begin...

After the past few whirlwind weeks, which included the Social Network junket in New York City and a five day press tour of Nashville where I ate my weight in biscuits and honey, I've returned to surprisingly rainy LA to hit the ground running and get ready for next week's premiere of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.

Working as a writer and interviewing people as often as I do, finding myself on the receiving end of questions like, "What do you have coming up next?" (The classic exit/filler question), "What can we expect to see this season?" (Usually asked by someone who doesn't actually watch the show) or "What's your favorite thing to cook?" (The #1 most common query), is both bizarre and hilarious. It's like being on a first date where you know you have to make a good impression, but you doubt the guy will ever call you again.

Screencrave (big ups, Mali Mal!) and Monsters and Critics (thank you, Miz April) just posted their interviews with me and, as I was reading them, it hit me; the show is coming back. I'm going to be on the Food Network again. Crazy!

I know that should already make sense to me, but I never seem to fully be able to wrap my mind around the concept.

Six days and counting. PCOBH returns on October 12th at 9pm.

Check out the interviews here:

Screencrave -

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