Friday, October 1, 2010

Candids from The Social Network Junket

Last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to fly to New York to cover The Social Network.

Ummm, seriously? New York, baby daddy JT, Jesse Eisenberg, and the chance to see what was already being hailed as one of the best films of the year?

Done and done.

While the entire trip was insanely idyllic (I'll post more photos very soon), here are a few behind-the-scenes shots from the trip to accompany my feature and Fox News appearance.

My room at The Regency on 61st and Park could have rented for $3000 a month by New York standards. And what was I going to do with two massive beds? At first I debated setting and alarm for 4am, thinking I'd shout "Rotate!" and swap in my sleep, but instead I decided to make more practical use and jump back and forth until I was panting, spent and uncontrollably giggling.

The next morning, bright and shiny, we journalists converged on The Harvard Club, the same spot we'd gotten liquored up the night before at the film's after party, to grill the movie's stars and writer, Aaron Sorkin. Note the elephant head mounted on the wall. That ain't fake, ya'll.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of JT, Eisenberg, Sorkin, Spiderman 2.0 Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer, one of the most tropical men I've had the pleasure of admiring in far too long.

Ned, who came through looking extra spiffy, was my un-official escort for the weekend. A girl couldn't ask for better.
Armie Hammer, Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Aaron Sorkin.

Now there's a Social Network I'd like to be part of.

I can't stress enough what an outstanding movie The Social Network is. Eisenberg moves into the ranks of my favorite leading men with this role, superbly sculpted by Fincher and Sorkin. Go. NOW! It's brilliant.

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